Aircraft Management

If you own or are considering buying an aircraft, you do have a choice!

OPTION 1: You can call American Air Charter, Inc./American Jet Management today for a proposal to have your aircraft professionally maintained, managed and generating revenue when you are not using it or…

OPTION 2: Begin the process on your own:

  1. Find a professional crew, hire them, and send them to the appropriate training center.
  2. Find and bind hull and liability insurance.
  3. Find hangar and office space for the aircraft and crew.
  4. Find, hire and train aircraft mechanics.
  5. Write a general operations manual.
  6. Choose and subscribe to engine, avionics and airframe protection plans.
  7. Ensure that all FAA required record-keeping has been and will continue to be complied with.
  8. Develop and maintain RVSM manuals, Minimum Equipment Lists, and Overflight Permits.
  9. Choose and subscribe to all required communications and navigation subscriptions.
  10. Stock aircraft with supplies and equipment.
  11. Develop and monitor a trip planning system.
  12. Generate monthly and annual reports.
  13. Create and monitor a budget.
  14. Hope you did not forget anything!

If you think the first choice is the one for you, please call Al Morgenthaler today at 636-532-2707.