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At American Air Charter, we’ve built our business based upon your comfort and satisfaction. We take care of everything from the moment you call. We can schedule for a private car to pick you up at the location of your choosing and drop you off directly at our terminal.

Spirit of St. Louis Airport

Flying American Air Charter

Unparalleled Customer Service

Flying private has its benefits. When you arrive at our terminal in the Spirit of St. Louis Airport, you will be greeted by our friendly staff, offered amenities and have little to no wait time. From checking in to taking that satisfying walk to your private jet, you will feel the American Air Charter Experience.

American Air Charter G500 Spirit of St. Louis Airport

Choose from Our Fleet of Aircraft

Exceptional Availability

Our clients have a choice of aircraft, including jets and turboprops, that deliver the right service for each flight at the most efficient cost. All of our flight crews are properly trained and checked for proficiency and must exceed the requirements of aircraft insurance policies.

American Air Charter Maintenance at Spirit of St. Louis Airport

FAA Approved

Uncompromising Safety Standards

The Federal Aviation Administration otherwise known as the FAA has approved our inspection program, and regularly reviews the maintenance we perform on our fleet. All scheduled maintenance and repairs are performed by certified aircraft mechanics. To help avoid unforeseen problems, we maintain an inventory of parts to minimize downtime should a mechanical issue arise.

Serving the St. Louis Area Since 1995

Experience You Can Trust

We have flown charter to over 500 destinations throughout the United States. Schedule a flight and get to your destination with the VIP service of American Air Charter.

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