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Our FleetGulfstream G500

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Available for Purchase

Outfitted with high-thrust engines and high-performance aerodynamic wings, the G500 is built for effortless takeoffs and landings. The G500’s capabilities to land at short runways and high-altitude airports makes this the plane of choice when traveling to your destination.

Our Gulfstream G500 is now listed for purchase and ready for use nationally or globally. To learn more about the purchase price and specs, please view the brochure below.

G500 Brochure

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Unlimited WiFi

Airshow 400
Gulfstream Symmetry Flight Deck


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13 Passenger Cabin

Stand-up Space
Tables for Meals or Meetings

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3 Living Areas

Private Lavatory
Separate Baggage Compartments

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Optional Cabin Attendant

Let our cabin attendant make your
flight as comfortable as possible.

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Outlets for Plugin Devices

Plenty of outlets for devices such as iPad’s, iphone’s, laptop’s etc.

Golfstream G500
Golfstream G500
Golfstream G500
Golfstream G500

Fewer Flight Hours

High-Speed Cruise of Mach 0.90

Your time is valuable and getting you to your destination quickly and safely is our goal. With the G500 you can cruise at speeds of Mach 0.90 which means you’ll spend fewer hours in the air and more time at your destination.

Golfstream G500 Control Panel

Fewer Stops Between Destinations

5,983 Mile Maximum Range

The G500s high-thrust engines give the plane efficiency and reduce emissions letting you go further in your travels. With the G500s clean-sheet design and advances in technology, you’re sure to be impressed.

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The G500 Cabin

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Golfstream G500 Cabin Interior
Golfstream G500
Golfstream G500
Golfstream G500

Optimized for Comfort

3 Living Areas For Up to 13 Passengers

With the G500s complimentary wifi, spacious cabin layout and natural light, you’ll be able to relax and take comfort to an entirely new altitude. The G500 is optimized for you and your guest’s comfort.

Golfstream G500 Cabin Interior
Golfstream G500
Golfstream G500
Golfstream G500

Relax in a Peaceful Environment

Designed to be the Quietest in Aviation

The G500 will provide you with the peace of mind that you can relax and get things done the way you want. With complimentary wifi, spacious living cabin and hi-tech amenities, you’re sure to be impressed.

Golfstream G500 Close Up Cabin Interior

Arrive Alert and Refreshed

Lowest Cabin Altitude in the Industry

Arrive at your destination alert and ready to tackle the day thanks to 100% fresh air and the lowest cabin altitude in the industry.

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